Volunteer team, we gathered around a common vision of philanthropy which should evolve to become more democratic, open and accessible to all. Our insight in philanthropic processes and our methodology for the assessment of societal and environmental impacts of philanthropic programs, places All Mécénat at the service of all those interested in giving as a method of financing, from the birth of an idea to a project's implementation.

Graduated from the MBA Institute in Market Management, and after a 20 years-experience in the financing of startups and commercial companies, André Ankri-Avy is a film producer. Member of the Institut d'Etudes Lévinassiennes since 2002, fan of philosophy and literature. he writes for La Règle du Jeu. He has accepted to be Secretary of All Mécénat for the sake of altruism.

Responsible for partnership programs at the Baroc Music Center in Versailles from 2005 to 2008, Sophie Tuffnell then successfully created a consulting company specialized in sponsorship management from 2008 to 2012. In 2011, she initiated the first edition of Parisian Passageways' Festival from June 30th to July 1st. She now is an ERP consultant.

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Benoît D. Lapointe has become an independant lawyer, after having worked within the Optimum Group for nearly 20 years. Member of the Quebec Bar since 1996 as a lawyer, he is also a lecturer in Marketing and Commercial Law at HEC Montreal, and oversees as well tutorials in Business Law at the University of Montreal. Developing his passion for arts and culture, he is the treasurer of All Mécénat.